Friday, August 10, 2007

Ridin High in the Sonshine by biggs mama

Best day so far! Big John was alert and interactive today, with a few smiles, good eye tracking, some eyebrow raisings, lots of hand and arm movements, leg movements, and moving his head. He was awake most of the morning and afternoon. He had an EEG this afternoon and was alert throughout. The EEG is to determine if he's having any seizures (so far he hasn't), but once that's read, they can give him some medicine to stimulate the waking up process.

The speech therapist was in to see him and explained how she will work with the respiratory therapist to cap the trach collar and release the cuff inside around the trach tube so he can practice talking, once he's ready for that.

It's an incredible roller coaster ride, and today has been quite a high. I really felt Big John was connecting with me today. It's funny how a little purposeful raised eyebrow, or a wink back to his nurse can raise one's spirits exponentially. In fact, it was so great I stayed all day until he finally took a 4PM nap.


Anonymous said...

This is such wonderful news. Steve and I check this site several times a day and we are so happy for you to have such positive news. Never underestimate the power of positive thinking.

-maggie and steve (Steve and John went to high school together in Fair Haven)

E said...

Awesome News!!! Keep it coming. I stopped by the house to say hi yesterday. But, noone was there. And for good reason! So cool. Best wishes to the fam.

Erik & Ana

Chris Nelson said...

Go John Go!!!

Been thinking about you every day. You are giving me strength for the things I need to do in my life. See, you are always doing good deeds somehow. Cant wait to hang.

John said...