Saturday, August 18, 2007

If this is baseball... It's the World Series by biggs mama

This afternoon as I was standing by Biggies bed in the private room he was moved to last evening, he reached his left arm around my shoulder and patted me! In a voice no louder than a whisper he replied "OK" when a friend said she would be back to see him again. I brought him a deck of cards (with a picture of a Zoey dog no less) and he enjoyed picking through them. He even put some in his right hand and delicately held them for a bit. That is the first time I saw him move his right fingers, and he held the cards! He had a lot of activity in his legs, and tried to use his left shoulder to adjust himself in the bed. And when I left this evening, he was fumbling with the tv remote, pushing the on/off and channel buttons, and the call nurse button too! WOW what a difference 4 days makes! If this is baseball... it must be the world series!

Dr Rughani stopped by this afternoon and said John was still scheduled to be moved to Fanny Allen Rehab center on Monday. I asked if the trach collar could be removed before he left Fletcher, and he said it's very possible that can be done Monday morning. He has a plug in the present trach tube that allows speech, but he still has some work to do to repair the brain/speech connections. He did mouth the word "yes" to me, without sound. I am so amazed at his progress today I just couldn't wait to share it with all of you who have tirelessly followed Big John's progress and held him in your prayers. Stay tuned.


John said...

I love reading these updates - and getting news like this! How awesome...

Thanks for sharing. Keep it up, John!


Anonymous said...

Yo Biggs!
Just dropin you a BIG UPS from CO. Trod on Bredg. Our thoughts are with you and your fam.
"Smilibration Crew"

Anonymous said...

Amazing news!! We are so proud of you John. Missing you and cheering you on. So much love and respect!
We will see you soon! Also, so much thanks to Biggy's family for being there and doing such an incredible job for and with John.

-Weezey, Corey, and Carrie

Anonymous said...

another big cheer from colorado! biggie, as always you amaze us all. we love you! leslie,addison, ryan, carolyn and lisa

the one said...

WOW! Great news. I am so happy to hear John is getting better and better.

I just posted some photos of John from my wedding on June 30, 2007. He was a terrific groomsman! Check out the Wedding Ceremony album and the Set Photos album.


Greta and Brad