Monday, August 13, 2007


what a difference a week makes!!! a week back we were excited when John moved his left arm a foot, yesterday he was doing his best to bite the O2 tube off his left index finger until the nurse moved it to his right hand more awareness, more movement everyday but J get tired an has to rest and there are plateaus ond one one long difficult row to hoe ahead.

many thanks from his family for all your support and see you at concert tonight. pops


Anonymous said...

Courage, love and strength to Biggy J and his family and friends. I love you John, and think about you everyday-you are in my every meditation.

Question: I dropped off a card for John at the hospital about a week or so ago, and just wanted to make sure that it was read to him by his family or a nurse. Does anyone know the where-abouts of this card, it has a lion and a red, gold and green ribbon on it??? Let me know if you can...?? I brought it all the way from Colorado special delivery. It would mean the world to me to know that he can see it.
Thanks for your time. Bless! and stay positive.
--Love, Elizabeth/wheezy

molly said...

I'm so happy to hear that John is doing so much better! The benefit show last night was amazing, i had a wonderful time listening to the great bands, seeing the family tree movie & knowing it was all for biggie.

I would really love to see John & am not sure how to go about doing that or if they are only letting certain people in. If you could let me know that would be wonderful. My e-mail is Much love & positive energy coming at ya big, can't wait to see you!

pops said...

elizabeth, looked yesterday afternoon and did not see card of your description, I will ask ICU desk today.

We glue cards ina notebook in J's room, read them to him and are very sorry if any are misplaced.

alanna said...

what a great show at higher ground! we danced all night for biggs. so glad to hear the updates.

oneBIGGIElove from benson, vt.
Alanna Flynn and family.

pops said...

to elizabeth,

found lion card and read it to john. he nodded when i asked himif he remembered you.