Monday, August 27, 2007


Neurologists have adapted the rancho los amigos scale from 1 to 10 to describe patients emerging from coma and help their family and friends understand what they are going through. level 1 is comatose, 10 nearly "normal" The levels are not hard and fast but John is mostly in level 4 moving into 5. On the phone and with old memories is is fantastic and often totally present but has difficulty with time (monthwize) and like my mother after a right side stroke usually unaccepting that his present situation and immediate future have changed. At times is knows he is in rehab but then will ask "what is this place." We have showed him pictures of the accident and he seems to understand but then does not remember a short time later. At times are periods of confused agitation. I suggest those of you who visit look over the scale and use extreme kindness and consideration.

ater a day of rest yesterday rehab sessions resume this morn. I expect him to be close to a walker by the time his mother arrives wed. BUT the forest is deep and difficulties and trials are yet to come. pops

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