Sunday, August 26, 2007

WALKING by pops

The morning PT/OTers had no plan to help John walk yesterday but during a session of kick and batt the beach ball a couple of time he leaned forward from the padded platform and put some air under his butt as if trying to stand. So after transferring back to wheel chair they asked him if he wished to hug his dad which he did wih thier help. Then with a therapist under each shoulder and me trailing with wheel chair he took 20 or so steps, sat down and rested a then took a few more. The last under the eye of his doctor. Early in the day I chatted with Dr Knakel on J's progress and likely condition on release. Latter is to early to tell but progress remarkable considering severity of injury and temp and pressure spikes in brain during coma. he said the staff will meet tuesday to plan therapy and reestimate discharge date.

Less spctacular but as significent is J's improved speaking skills. (makes sense about half the time which some friends have said about me) No wanting to overdo it the afternoon PT/OT mostly involved rapid leg work work on an experimental bycycle machine and right hand exercises. J's right leg is equal to his left but right arm and hand were definately hurt in fall and are weak.

Will and Kaitlyn at the shop provided me with trucks, bearings, and wheels for his new skateboard so I will see if he can put it together (but not try) today. pops


molly said...

this is such a big step (no pun intended) for john, i'm so happy to hear he is walking!!! i'm planning on stoping by in the next few days with a skateboard magazine or something along those lines so he might have something to look at while in the hospital other than the tv & pretty nurses ;-) thank you all so much for posting these blogs, it's the first site i go to when i'm on the internet & look forward to hearing how he's doing. can't wait to see you soon biggie, keep up the great progress!

Anonymous said...

It was so great to see Biggie today, he had a huge smile, a well trimmed beard, and, we even talked about the possibility of dread locks! It was such a nice weekend to be in Vermont again, I wonder when you will read this John? I hope soon so we can talk more, miss you and will be back in VT soon, Peace and love, Shawna

Anonymous said...

Went with Shawna to see Big John today. He looks great and it was really good to see him smile. I've only known John for about a year through visiting Shawna when she was still living here. I've never met a character with so much heart and soul. He's the best. I'm thinking positive thoughts and hoping we can hula hoop again for him soon.
Positive Vibes Love Liz