Friday, August 24, 2007

back on wheels by pops

In early afternoon John discovered he could unlock the brakes on his wheel chair and propel himself. Under my guidance we took a couple spins around the halls. He tended to turn right but as adept in wheelchair from a broken fibia at about age 14 he quickly was able to maneuver. The PT/OTs cheered as we went by their office.

As significently the brain/speech conection improved and J spoke more clear words as the day went on, iincluding "fine, how are you" to his doctor." Early in the day PT/OT put him in a device called a standing frame which locked his feet and knees and supported his weight with a harness across his butt. He beamed standing at a table and thumbing through Arizona Highways.

Dr Knackel warned me on admitting him that rehab sometimes goes fast. weekend here ---visiting hours ARE 9 TO 9 except during rehab. pops


John said...

Wow. I saw him 5 days ago and was thrilled at his progress then. I can't wait to see him again! What an amazing progression! It's a miracle what the body can do...

Keep it up, John. See you this weekend...

John and Carm

Anonymous said...

Wonderful to hear. I am thinking of you also and how wonderful it must be to see it before you, unfolding.

Much love,

Brad said...

I haven't been on the internet in about a week and I am almost crying to read through your progress. Greta and I have been busy, Brody was born Thursday night, August 23.
I will be by to visit asap, I miss you and have lots of great pictures I think you'll love.
Keep up the good work.
We Love You John.

Anonymous said...

Haven't checked in a couple of days, and I am thrilled to hear of such amazing progress-- if only we could all know what these long weeks have been like for you, inside the man himself. I look forward to hearing your story in your own words one day soon.

Sending so much love to you, Crash, and to all family and friends.