Saturday, August 11, 2007

The View from a Chair by biggs mama

After 30 days in bed, John enjoyed a few hours sitting in a chair in his room in the ICU this afternoon. He was quite interactive, and as Sky put it "It's great to see that John is still interested in two of his favorite things: women and snowboarding, and I didn't even say snowboarding, I just said Jay". Both topics brought smiles to Big John's face.

He is scheduled to be moved out of ICU (perhaps today) to what's termed a "step down" room. That's an intermediate step, from ICU to standard room. This room will be a 3-1 share with an assigned nurse.

The EEG did not reveal any seizure activity, so he was given ritilin (sp?) to stimulate brain activity. I guess he doesn't mind that! That's the breaking news of the moment. Thanks for your amazing support.


John said...

I agree. Once John gets a couple of cute women visitors, he'll perk right up!

That's amazing news. Thanks for the daily updates, I look forward to reading them...


sexualharrison said...

i can bring them really i can. ask john about CO.
last winter.

purplejenn said...

That is so great that John will be transferred soon!

Can't wait to see you, John! Miss you lots and things have been quite lame without you to chill with lately! Much love & peace